Adonai Group: Strategic Consultants in Human Capital, Knowledge & Change Management
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Adonai Group: Strategic Consultants in Human Capital, Knowledge & Change Management
Thinkers. Innovators . Catalyst.
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Adonai Group is a boutique consultancy founded and based in Singapore.

We provide management consultancy services to a select group of clients with visionary leadership. Like us, our clients recognise that traditional management techniques and conventional business strategies are inadequate to sustain superior financial results, or for long term organisational competitiveness.

We believe that to achieve superior market performance and successful nation-building, corporate and government organisations need to look within - to build a sustainable infrastructure of competences and capabilities that will support long term goals and growth.

This is exactly what Global 500 companies and fast-growing nations like Singapore have done.

Our unique approach to consulting is our ability to search and combine ideas from different practices, and cross-pollinate them for optimal results in our client’s environment. Furthermore, every aspect of our range of services is designed to achieve results “Through People and Processes”.

The Boutique Way

Being a boutique consultancy means that you have our undivided attention. Lean and nimble in structure, we can swiftly assemble a project team to provide a balanced mix of expertise and “out of the box” ideas to achieve sustainable results in a shorter time.

We are small yet, resourceful in achieving big things – like Singapore.

Lastly, we keep our overheads low, so you can be assured that every cent invested goes 100% towards your growth.

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6 Saint George's Lane
Singapore 320006
Tel: +65 6327 5023
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