Adonai Group: Strategic Consultants in Human Capital, Knowledge & Change Management
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Adonai Group: Strategic Consultants in Human Capital, Knowledge & Change Management
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Our Capabilities

Consulting Methodology

Our methodology is straightforward. We like to "cut to the chase" and let common sense "lead the day".

We do not have "magic solution" processes or rigid "x-point" systems that other consultants may impose on you.
Instead, we work with you to get the results you want.

Based on your requirements and environment, we will create strategies with effective processes that achieve your organisation's goals for maximum results.

Familiarisation, Identification and Analysis

  • "Flash (organisation) immersion" (subject to project requirements)
  • Provide unbiased evaluation and analysis of strategic, organisational, or operational weaknesses or critical process areas for improvements
  • Synthesize issues within the organisational context

Strategising, Planning and Connection

  • Develop blueprints for strategic or process improvements, and capability building
  • Develop and implement strategies to support and engage your people for implementation success
  • Identify appropriate best practices to support the strategy
  • Connect people and synthesize ideas to create the desired dramatic results

Implementation and Project Management

  • Coordinate planning across teams and roll-out process
  • Manage third party specialists and vendors as a holistic process of change
  • Project monitoring and adjustments

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"Common Sense Is
Not So Common.

- Voltaire, (1694-
1778), French Writer
and Historian

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