Adonai Group: Strategic Consultants in Human Capital, Knowledge & Change Management
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Adonai Group: Strategic Consultants in Human Capital, Knowledge & Change Management
Thinkers. Innovators . Catalyst.
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Corporate Culture

We are a young and dynamic company where employees look at the company as a reflection of their own concerns, vision and goals – which in turn, contributes to Adonai Group’s winning work culture where work is as enjoyable as play.

At Adonai Group, our actions are based on the values of mutual commitment and cooperation - where Trust and Respect for each other and for people we interact with - are the building blocks for the way we work.

We are governed by the following core values:

Respect and Professionalism – We take pride in our responsibility towards people– whether a colleague, client or business partner. We also respect that individuals or corporations have different expectations or perspectives. To this, we are committed to constantly adjusting our processes to close this gap

Integrity – A key guiding principle in our operations. Everyone who works with us can be assured that every aspect of the business is conducted in good faith - with the highest standards of honesty, transparency and competence.

Work/Life Balance – We strongly believe that bringing balance to all facets of life brings out the best in us professionally and socially

All-Rounded Excellence – We will give our best to everything we do; and everything we do, we do to better our best. Moreover, we also practice what we preach - to build and leverage on the human capital advantage – to achieve this goal.

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"Do Unto Others,
 What You Want Done
 to You

- Matthew 7:12

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6 Saint George's Lane
Singapore 320006
Tel: +65 6327 5023
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